hey there!

I’m Erin

I’ve been working in education for the last 14 years teaching in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. I absolutely love helping teachers transform their classrooms into beautiful, inviting, and super functional spaces.

I know we just met but I’m going to share what might be considered an unpopular opinion. Here it is: the best designed classrooms can’t found anywhere on Pinterest.

Does that mean I think teachers shouldn’t spend their time and money decorating their classrooms? Absolutely not!

But let’s face it, learning is a messy business and your students won’t be able to thrive in a perfectly decorated classroom where they are afraid touch anything for fear it could end up ruined or out of place. Instead what they need is an organized and functional space that feels welcoming and safe while supporting their learning and independence.

Pretty Meets Functional was born out of the idea that teachers can have the best of both worlds-beautifully designed resources that help their classrooms run smoother!

My hope is that you find practical solutions, fresh ideas, and the inspiration to create the classroom of your dreams. So grab a cup of coffee and take a look around. I’m so glad you’re here!