Classroom decor collection in boho theme
Simply Modern classroom decor collection
Boho Doodle Classroom Decor Collection

Your classroom decor sets the tone for students as soon as they enter your classroom. The calm colors and clean designs of this modern boho printable decor collection will transform your classroom into a peaceful and cozy space for you and your students.

Here are 6 resources from this modern boho classroom decor collection that you are absolutely sure to love.

the color palette

Muted neutral tones and simple black and white accents make up the color palette of this collection.

Simply Modern Classroom Decor Color Palette

calendar set

Simply Modern calendar set shown as a flip style calendar
Calendar Set

This decor collection includes a versatile calendar set that allows you to easily mix and match for a unique look. This calendar can be displayed as a flip calendar(above), in a pocket chart, or using one of the included posters(below).

simply modern calendar set displayed as a poster
Poster option for Simply Modern calendar set

Simply modern editable calendar set with embedded fonts

In addition to ready to print month, day, and year cards, this calendar set also includes special event and holiday cards as well as an editable file that allows you to change the font or language used. This allows you to easily customize the calendar set for your students and classroom.

daily slide templates

Simply modern daily agenda slide templates
Daily Slide Templates

Using slide templates to organize your day is the perfect way to keep yourself and your students on track with everything you need to cover.

There are hundreds of slide templates included in this resource with layouts for everything from daily schedules to managing small group center rotations. You’ll also find countdown timers that are ready to use on any of the templates.

teacher time saving tip for setting up daily slides

For a full preview of everything included in this resources check out this video:

Daily Slides walkthrough

classroom labels

Simply modern teacher toolbox
Classroom Labels

Nothing makes my teacher heart happier than a set of coordinating labels. I could be surrounded by a giant stack of ungraded papers, glue sticks missing their caps, or a classroom library that looks as if a hurricane recently passed though, and can still feel like an organized teacher who has it all together so long as my bins and drawers are all neatly labeled. Can you relate?

With that idea in mind, just about every size or type of label you could imagine is included in this set.

You’ll find drawer labels to fit on both 3 drawer sets like these as well as the 10 drawer carts.

Teacher toolbox, table groups, and various sized labels perfect for bins, baskets, cubbies, and supplies can also be found in this set.

There are tons of different designs in each label size to choose from so labeling all the things in your classroom is a breeze!

And editing these labels is even easier. This set comes with two options for editing-hundreds of premade text stickers to match the decor theme or ready to edit text boxes for you to type exactly what you need.

Simply modern drawer labels

accountable talk posters

Simply modern accountable talk sentence starters
Accountable Talk Stems

Encouraging students to use accountable talk strategies is so important in upper elementary classrooms. These sentence starting talk stems make it easy to give students visual reminders to use accountable talk throughout the school day.

This set includes sentence stems to help students agree, disagree, clarify, explain, connect, and build on to ideas and discussion points shared during lessons. These strategies not only encourage students to deepen their thinking but also support critical speaking and listening standards.

These accountable talk posters are ready to print and hang around your whiteboard or near your small group teaching area.

hand signal posters

SImply modern hand signals
Hand Signals Posters for Classroom Management

Hand signals are a great classroom management tool to incorporate in your classroom. Students learn a series of hand signals they can use when they need something like a pencil or to get a drink of water. Because these signals are nonverbal, that means they won’t be interrupting your teaching whenever they need something from you.

These hand signal posters include fingers number 1-5, fist, ASL letter “R”, thumbs up, thumbs down, “OK” symbol. Each signal comes in all six colors and the text is also editable so you can customize each hand signal to best fit your students and classrooms.

levels of understanding

Simply modern levels of understanding posters
Levels of Understanding Posters

Helping your students monitor and take ownership over their understanding of new learning has never been easier than with these levels of understanding posters. Ready to print or edit with your own text, these posters will make creating an eye-catching display in your classroom so simple!

These posters have options for understanding levels 1-4 and two different heading options (plus a completely blank version if you’d like to create your own header).

Teacher tip: you may want to consider printing multiple copies of these posters to display in different areas of your classroom. Seeing these posters repeatedly will help your students feel more comfortable regularly rating their learning using the levels and language you’ve taught them to use. Some teachers even like to create separate turn in baskets for work that are labeled with the same level numbers and have students rate themselves on assignments as they turn them in (i.e. if a student is confident that they mastered the content of an assignment they would put it in the basket labeled “level 4”).

the complete bundle

Here’s a list of everything included in this decor collection. All of these resources are available separately so you can easily mix and match to best meet your needs. Or for the best deal you can purchase the complete bundle and score some bundle exclusive bonuses (keep reading for more info on those)

Complete bundle of resources from Simply Modern decor collection

That’s over 3,000 pages of ready to use resources perfect for any elementary classroom!

exclusive bundle bonuses

In addition to all of those resources listed above, you’ll also find some amazing bonuses resources only available in the Simply Modern classroom decor bundle. Here’s a look at those:

  • Inspirational posters
  • Scrabble tile style letters
  • “What We Know Matters” printable phrase
  • “Amazing Work Coming Soon” posters
  • Shopping guide

“Amazing Work Coming Soon” posters give your bulletin boards a cohesive pulled together look at the beginning of the school year.

inspirational phrase on classroom wall

“What we know matters but who we are matters more” phrase. Ready to print, cut out and hang anywhere in your classroom!

The complete bundle also includes a shopping guide with clickable links to bulletin board papers and borders, storage solutions, and other fun coordinating decor items.

Simply modern shopping guide included in complete bundle

Before you go…

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  1. Hi there! I just purchased your Simply Modern Bundle off of TPT and absolutely love it! However, I don’t see the exclusive bundle bonuses that you have listed as well as the shopping guide. Are those linked somewhere within the bundle and I may have just missed it? Thanks so much!

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